Marcel Sangers


Marcel Sangers & pigeons; they seem to be connected for a life long. A passion that started for Marcel as a 12 years old boy and made him to one of the greatest champions of the modern era. The year 2014 is a new milestone in Marcel’s life; with a complete new team of breeders and racers he carefully builds a colony that is ready to excel in the heaviest battles again. Remaining at the National top – where Marcel is since 1999 – is his everlasting motivation.


Einstein; the miracle
in the Dutch skies

One of Hollands greatest racing sensations is NL07-1455567 ‘Einstein’ – a pure Koopman miracle with wings. He astonished winning 4x massive 1. prize together with many more top postions. His best are:

1. Duffel – 6,217 birds

1. Grimbergen – 5,673 birds

1. Breuil – 3,355 birds

1. Strombeek – 2,802 birds

3. Morlincourt – 821 birds

4. Duffel – 1,948 birds

4. Strombeek – 1,885 birds

4. St. Job – 1,482 birds


The Super Breeder

Fast As Lightning

Eagle Eye

Founding breeder

Racing & breeding wonder

Nat. acebird & 1. NPO winner

"I brought up a small youngster for
a friend, from his National topper …
when he was ready to wean,
I got to keep him and this red
giant became my nr. 1 breeder."

“Winning  2x NPO top 10 in 2005
and massive 1. in 2004 as youngster,
this top talent became injured
and I put him in breeding …
he became an icon.”

“Allready 1. Nat. acebird, I basketed
‘Eagle Eye’ for a leaden edition of Chateauroux 675 km in 2000 …
his siege is my most precious
pigeon memory.”

A new team, a new challenge, a new era!

Dirk van den Bulck pigeons

Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons

Marcel Sangers



Pigeon racing is a passion and winning the greatest goal; with that intention Marcel Sangers accepts his new challenge for 2014. Bringing a new colony to supreme highlights combining dedication, passion and talent to a unique formula of success.

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A new team, a new challenge, a new era!