2019 magnificent start; 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 Bierges 7,193 b.

Hot weather and head winds formed the ingredients for a new highlight on the Sangers lofts … against all rules on an extra distance of over 50 km a super result was listed; 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 against 7,193 birds. What a season start for the Dutch super fancier!

Bierges covering 195 km was the second short distance race of the season 2019 and with real pigeon weather it was to become a good indication of the present key of strength. Sangers/Ung and Brian Sangers together brought 95 pigeons at the start and the result was amazing. Only clubmember Aaldering Pigeons appeared to have a faster pigeon, however than the Sangers team came to show their force:

Federation 2,333 birds: 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-20-21-22-23-29-30-31-32-etc (63 prizes)
Region (s-prov.) 7,418 birds: 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-33-34-36-37-55-60-62-63 (67 prizes)

Remarkable detail; in Federation the 8th Sangers pigeon (on place 9) still had a lead of almost 25 mpm on the 10th pigeon of the entire liberation. The first 2 pigeons of Sangers were clocked in the same second, the NL18-1632739 ‘LouLou’ was classified as first. This winner of 2nd Bierges 7,193 b. is bred from a proven racer, direct son of ‘Max’ winner 3rd NPO Chalons 10,386 b. from bloodlines Heremans x inbred ‘Super Breeder’ … the mother is topracer ‘Kiki’, who is now breeder after a splendid racing career. ‘Kiki’ was crowned 1st regional acebird speed 2017 and 1st acebird regional middle distance; she is bred from an inbred ‘Super Breeder’ cock x the breeding wonder ‘Gold Dust’, full sister of ‘Kittel’ Dirk Van Den Bulck.

Winner of the 3rd prize Bierges against 7,193 b. is the well known NL17-1826248 ‘Fransa’, in 2018 as yearling already racing supreme. This blue pied hen is now winner of a/o:

1st Chimay 1,804 b. as youngster in 2017
2nd Chimay total liberation from 10,239 b. in same second as the winner in 2017
3th Bierges 7,193 b. in same second as 2nd prize winner in 2019
3rd Nanteuil 1,709 b. after loft mate in 2018
5th Quievrain 4,624 b. in 2018
6th Niergnies 7,100 b. after two loft mates in 2018
20th Bierges 4,402 b. after 5 loft mates in 2018
20th Tienen 3,918 b. in 2019
She was 5th acebird middle distance in Federation in 2018

Father of ‘Fransa’ is ‘Skittel’, a direct son of ‘Kittel’ Dirk VD Bulck, and already father of several super pigeons … Mother is ‘Gone Wild’ original Alwin Petrie and a direct daughter of ‘Gigi’ 2x 1st NPO winner. The other top 10 winners om Bierges were:

4th Bierges 7,193 b. – NL18-1632722
Father: ‘Nick’, son ‘Fast Red’ 3x NPO top 10 Sangers
Mother: ‘Red Diamond’ VD Bulck from brother ‘Kittel’

5th Bierges 7,193 b. – NL18-1632828
Father: ‘King’ VD Buck son ‘New Kittel’ (res. Olympiad)
Mother: ‘Lotus’, Sangers inbred dght. ‘Fast As Lightning’

6th Bierges 7,193 b. – NL17-1826135 ‘Sabrina’
also 5th Quievrain 2,120 b. and 8th Quievrain 4,624 b.
Father: ‘King’ VD Buck son ‘New Kittel’ (res. Olympiade)
Mother: ‘Britt’, 1st Vervins 381 b. & dght. ‘Time Gun’

7th Bierges 7,193 b. – NL18-1632773
Father: ‘Sandocan’, Sangers x sister ‘Rosita’ VD Bulck
Mother: ‘Franca’, from ‘Skittel’ (son ‘Kittel’) x ‘Gone Wild’

8th Bierges 7,193 b. – NL18-1632840
Father: ‘Burning Red’, son ‘Fast As Lightning’ Sangers
Mother: ‘Tita’ VD Bulck , grd. ‘Kittel’ & ‘Broer Goede Rode’