3. NPO Bourges with ‘Fast Red’ offspring for Arjan Moespot

A steady name amongst the champions in Zutphen Fed. Is Arjan Moespot, a very good friend of Marcel. Since the beginning of this century Arjan built a strain of winning pigeons, in which pigeons of Marcel play an important role. For Arjan 2015 is until now a season with many top results, and Bourges on June 20th as highlight so far.

On Bourges Arjan wins the following series of prize cards:
3rd-46th-48th-98th NPO against 6,187 b. and 14/25 prize cards

The 3rd prize (with Teletekst) is won by a pigeon from the bloodlines of Marcels ‘Fast Red’. This fantastic result was preceded by many other top results in 2015 already, including:
14th-54th-66th-etc. NPO Gien against 4,310 b. (14/31)
19th-21st-28th-70th-72nd NPO Chateaudun against 3,621 b. (21/25)
2nd-4th-5th-9th-12th-35th-53rd-79th-82nd-etc. against 1,936 b. (17/37)
2nd-33rd-59th-61st-65th-89th-etc. Isnes against 2,120 b. (29/37)
5th-33rd-56th-59th-69th-73rd-etc. Feluy against 2,241 b. (19/35)
9th-35th-42nd-53rd Soissons against 1,754 b. (18/32)
9th-11th-30th-64th Soissons against 1,249 b. (10/27)

Winner of 7th NPO Bourges were father and son Van Zanten, just like Arjan clubmates of Marcel … and their pigeon too descends from Sangers-bloodlines