Brian & Marcel excel on Isnes; 1-2-3-7-10-11-12-13-14-17 against 1,952 b.

On the short distance race from Isnes 212 km Marcel and Brian Sangers made one of the best results in their carreer. Brian (15 entered) grabbed gold against 1,952 b., Marcel was right behind him winning a/o 2nd-3rd-7th-10th etc.

On the 22nd of April the following prizes were won against 1,984 birds on the lofts in Eefde:
Total: 77 entered and 56 prize cards.

In Fed. 1,464 birds were basketed and the Sangers-team won:

A small introduction of the fastest Sangers birds from Isnes:
1st Isnes 1,952 b.: NL16-1259579 ‘Kitty’, from ‘Inbred Superkweker’ x ‘Gold Dust’
2nd Isnes 1,952 b.: NL16-1259552 from ‘Majesty Donna’ Petrie x ‘Champaign’ Petrie
3rd Isnes 1,464 b.: BE15-4100286 ‘Dream Boy’ 100% VD Bulck
4th Isnes 1,464 b.: NL15-1421115 from ‘Mechanic’ Petrie x ‘Ananca’ Sangers
6th Isnes 1,464 b.: NL15-4100296 ‘Blue Blood’ 100% VD Bulck

On the trainingsrace from Hapert (08-04) against 2,720 birds the top series for Sangers was:
4-5-6-7-8-11-13-14-15-16-17-26-46-48-49-53-56 etc.