Fastest Chalons En Champagne 5,940 b.

With a sublime victory on the middle distance race from Chalons En Champagne Marcel adds an extra element to the top season 2017. Yearling hen Kathy grabs the gold against 5,940 birds; a top hen from the old ‘Super Breeder’ dynasty x sister ‘Kittel’ VD Bulck.

The result of the NL16-1259580 Kathy on Chalons en Champagne:
1st club – 296 birds
1st kring – 1,115 birds
1st regio – 3,282 birds
Fastest – 5,940 birds

As youngster ‘Kathy’ won 4 races from 5 entrees including 53rd Asse Zellik 5,659 b. … 86th Duffel 5,274 b. … 89th Menen 3,151 b. … and 168th Laon 2,673 b. This year she won 7 prizes on 8 ocasions with 15th Isnes 6,380 b. … 32nd Chimay 2,066 b. … 40th Vervins 1,984 b. … and 49th Vervins 1,324 b.

Kathy is daughter to probably Marcels new top breeding pair; NL08-1172426 Old Gold (from Brother Super Breeder)  x NL15-4264261 Gold Dust (Sister Kittel). In 2016 only 4 youngsters were bred from this pair and 3 of the youngsters are performing very well. NL16-1259579 Kitty won 1st Isnes 1,984 b. in 2017 … NL16-1259635 Kiki already won 7x top 100 in 2017 and is 5th acebird short distance Fed. 2017 & 4th acebird speed Fed. 2017 (intermediate)