‘Kiki’ 2nd Nat. acebird middle distance NPO at June 19th

In the intermediate score of the middle distance, ‘Kiki’ is positioned 2nd Nat. acebird in the competition De Allerbeste click here

‘Kiki’ is the new top hen from the super pair ‘Old Gold’ x ‘Gold Dust’, that is inbred to Super Breeder Sangers x a full sister to ‘Kittel’ Dirk Van Den Bulck. The new golden formula… ‘Kiki’ is now winner of:

2nd Epernay – 1,178 b. after loft mate
10th Vervins – 1,994 b.
15th Vervins – 1,324 b.
31st Quievrain – 6,814 b.
32nd Chalons – 3,282 b.
35th Chimay – 2,066 b.
73rd Epernay – 1,717 b.
88th Nanteuil – 2,784 b.
93rd Isnes – 1,984 b.