‘Kira’ again super fast; 6th Nanteuil 10,186 b.

A week before the super victory on Epernay, again the super hen ‘Kira’ shows to be in super shape. She was again Marcels first bird and won within 7 days:
1st Nanteuil club 256 b. (June 17th)
6th fastest Nanteuil 10,186 b. (June 17th)
1st Epernay 1,178 b. (June 10th)
3rd Epernay 3,400 b. (June 10th)

The total score on Nanteuil at the loft of Sangers was again sublime:
1st-5th-7th-8th-10th-11th-16th-17th-18th-20th against 256 b. (22/40)
5th-19th-33rd-34th-42nd-43rd-60th-61st-66th-72nd-82nd against 2,784 b. (28/40)

‘Kira’ is a super hen on from the new top crossing Sangers x VD Bulck … her father is ‘Super Red’, bred from a son x daughter to ‘The Super Breeder’ … mother is ‘Angelina’, full sister to ‘Kittel’ Van Den Bulck and new top breeding hen for Sangers.