New Leideman magic at Sangers Pigeons

After the purchase of 3 direct children of ‘Goed Grijs’, Sangers pigeons reinforced the colony with 2 very exclusive Leideman pigeons! A direct son of ‘Arturo’ x ‘Tila’ and a daughter of ‘Crack 19’ x ‘Jet’ – the very best of Leideman.

The super pair ‘Arturo’ x ‘Tila’ is the new nr. 1 breeding pair at Leideman … their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren won at least 11x 1. NPO / provincial. For instance:


Also very exclusive is the new acquisition NL22-8694978 ‘Jet Lag’, from the old toppers ‘Crack 19’ x ‘Jet’. ‘Crack 19’ is also father of ‘Arturo’ and himself crowned as 1. acebird region. He bred generations of massive winner, also in pairing with the mother of ‘Jet Lag’, who is ‘Jet’. She won 3x massive 1. prize and superbreeder. ‘Crack 19’ was born in 2014 and ‘Jet’ in 2015 – therefore ‘Jet Lag’ could be one of the best children of her.