Olympic Lotus; an International sensation

Saying farewell to all old breeding- and racing pigeons, means Marcel Sangers and Paul Ung are up to meet a new challenge forming a new breeding team … a team where descendants of ‘Famous 05’ play an important role, but also a team where some eye-catchers can grow to become new icons … the topper ‘Olympic Lotus’ plays a great role in these developments.

NL10-1426241 – now called ‘Olympic Lotus’ – grew out to become a sensational performer in the modern era of pigeon racing. Time after time she won top positions, ensuring her a spot in the Dutch delegation for the Nitra Olympiad in middle distance racing. The top prizes of ‘Olympic Lotus’ are:

Olympiad bird Nitra 2013
1. Nanteuil – 1,844 b.
1. Salbris – 1,414 b.
1. Breteuil – 388 b.
1. Nanteuil – 167 b. (5. prize 2,288 b.)
1. Pommeroeul – 130 b. (4. prize 2,031 b.)
1. Ablis – 121 b. (7. prize 1,461 b.)
3. Salbris – 3,970 b.
3. Nanteuil – 961 b.
4. Nivelles – 2,254 b.
4. Morlincourt – 1,783 b.

‘Olympic Lotus’ is a product of mainly the strains Janssen and Koen Minderhoud with in her bloodlines different top racers and breeders. Marcel Sangers and Paul Ung shall try to pass on her golden genes new generations of winners.