Super hen ‘Dior’ crowned 8th Nat. acebird allround WHZB/TBOTB 2019

The season 2019 made a nice end of the season Sangers Pigeons … the beauty hen NL18-1632828 ‘Dior’ was crowned as 8th Nat. acebird allround WHZB/TBOTB 2019. She won a/o:

1st Morlincourt 366 km 670 b.
= 2nd prov. Morlincourt 2,050 b.
5th Bierges 195 km 7,193 b.
7th Quievrain 263 km 5,903 b.
9th Quievrain 263 km 4,624 b.
18th Soissons 364 km 4,750 b.
18th Tienen 174 km 2,463 b.
41st Quievrain 263 km 3,325 b.
51th Niergnies 306 km 1,846 b.
61st Reims 360 km 1,651 b.
68th Morlincourt 366 km 1,749 b.
78th Niergnies 306 km 1,597 b.
80th Quievrain 263 km 1,566 b.

Father is ‘King’, 100% Van Den Bulck superbreeder from ‘New Kittel’, reserve Olympiad and full brother to ‘Kittel’. ‘King’ already bred ‘Da Capo’ (10th-15th-17th NPO), ‘Sabrina’ (1st-339 b. and 5x top 10 in big competition) and grandfather 1st Birgonj 1,158 b.

Mother is ‘Lotus’, halfsister ‘Fast Red’, 1st NPO Chateaudun 6,062 b., 7th NPO Peronne 23,000 b. and 23rd NPO Breuil 5,800 b. … bred from the super cock ‘Fast As Lightning’, 1st Heverlee 9,076 b., 7th GP Le Mans 25,000 b., 8th NPO Orleans 18,127 b., 9th St. Ghislain 4,439 b.