Super weekend with 1st-2nd Fed. Nanteuil & 1st s-prov. Bourges, also 3rd NPO 4,271 b.

It almost seems there comes no end to the highlights in 2018! At the end of the old bird season again some super performances were listed:
1st s-prov. Bourges 628 km (region 4) from 1,322 b.
= also 3rd NPO Bourges from 4,271 b.
1st-2nd-7th-14th-20th-21st Nanteuil 416 km 576 b. (14/20)
= Also the 2nd & 3rd fastest from 1,709 b.

The 1st s-prov. & 3rd NPO winner from Bourges is NL16-1259565, a fantastic hen from the old Sangers genes of ‘The Super Breeder’. Father is ‘Yukon’, 1st prize winner & g.son of ‘Fast As Lightning’, the 1st Heverlee 9,076 b., 5th NPO Le Mans 11,248 b. & 8th NPO 18,127 b. He became a top breeder. Mother is g.daughter ‘Time Gun’, 4th NPO Orleans 7,784 b. and direct son of ‘The Super Breeder’.

The 1st Fed. winner of Nanteuil is NL17-1826214 ‘Son Lily’. He is one of the 2018 top yearlings with already 4x top 10. His mother is the 2018 super racing hen ‘Lily’, she is 1st acebird middle distance Fed. & 1st acebird speed -500 km Fed. A wonder racer with 17 prizes from 17 races. She was paired with ‘Rudy’, son of ‘Super Ruud’ (4x 1st) x ‘Megan’ (4x 1st & 10th Nat. acebird)