Top weekend with 1st-2nd Laon 1,266 b. & 10th-12th NPO Gien 5,406 b.

With the steam of 1st-2nd-5th TXT Soissons 16,915 b. only just blown away, the weekend of June 9th and 10th the Sangers team was again exceptional. 2 races were at stake; on the Laon race (midd. dist.) 1st-2nd from 1,266 b. with a 6 minutes lead was won and the NPO race from Gien (long dist.) resulted in 10th-12th NPO from 5,406 b.

Laon has a distance of 334 km for team Sangers. The race was postponed 1 day and was liberated with hot weather and again head winds blowing; the story of this season. Another repeating aspect; Sangers birds beating the lot.
1st-2nd-8th Laon 1,266 birds with over 6 minuted lead!!

The Laon winner is NL17-1826152, a chequer pied hen cross Van Den Bulck x Sangers.
Father is ‘Konica’ full brother to ‘Olympic Rosita’ (Dirk van den Bulck), the 1st Olympiad acebird Nitra 2012 and mother of the world famous ‘Kittel’ dynasty.
Mother is ‘Hayabusa Crown’, direct daughter ‘Hayabusa King’ winner of 1st Duffel 17,802 b., 1st Duffel 4,622 b., 1st St. Ghislain 3,025 b., 1st Libramont 2,692 b., 1st Chimay 2,585 b., 1st PS Maxence 1,138 b.


The long distance race in the same weekend was from Gien (559km), and with 2 early arrivals Team Sangers won 10th-12th NPO against 5,406 b.
The first pigeon clocked is NL16-1826608 ‘Da Capo’ a very nice blue cock and a very good racer, already winning 3x 1st in club. ‘Da Capo’ won already
10th NPO Gien 5,615 b. 559 km 2018
15th NPO Gien 9,395 b, 559 km 2017
17th NPO Bourges 5,094 b. 627 km 2017

Father of ‘Da Capo’ is ‘King’, 100% Van Den Bulck & direct son of ‘New Kittel’ Reserve Olympiad bird 2015 with 1st Quievrain 1,371 b., 3rd Quievrain 1,993 b. & 8th Quievrain 1,571b. … He is a full brother to the legend ‘Kittel’.
Mother is ‘Lotus’, daughter of Sangers legendary ‘Fast As Lightning’, 1st Heverlee 9,076 b., 1st prize / 5th NPO Le Mans 11,248 b. / 7th Nat. GP 25,000 b., 1st prize / 9th St. Ghislain 4,439 b. & 8th NPO Orleans 18,127b. … he bred a/o ‘Fast Red’, ‘Red Fox’, ‘Alydar’, etc.