Total stage short distance acebirds for Sangers

On May 28th with the race of Vervins (307 km), the short distance season 2018 ended. Sangers/Ung was crowned 1e not nominated Fed. 1 – combine 4
1st-2nd-3rd-5th-7th-8th-11th acebird Fed. De IJssel from over 2,300 b.
2nd regional champion short distance
2nd-3rd-4th s-provincial from over 7,000 b.

Vervins was won by the yearling NL17-1825586 of Marcels good pigeon friend Arjan Moespot. That is an original Sangers pigeon bred from a daughter to ‘Kittel’. Team Sangers themselves won Vervins (307 km) 1,397 b.
7th-16th-21st-34th-36th-50th-51st-58th-59th-69th-77th-80th-82nd-86th-97th against 1,397 b. (58/40)


The first 2 acebirds are:

– 1st acebird NL16-1259568 ‘Home Soon’
100% Van Den Bulck, also 1st Tienen 2,450 b. 2018

– 2nd acebird NL15-1421103 ‘Lily’
Son ‘Hayabusa King’ x D. ‘Gigi’, also 1st Soissons 1,733 b.